Discovery Sessions

Discovery Sessions Discovery Sessions


VSS will conduct interviews with key personnel, while completing detailed analysis information. This enables both parties to scope the engagement and have a clear understanding of the applications, benchmarking and savings programs. Information review includes, but is not limited to:

  • A comprehensive review of P/L statements, and Detailed Departmental cost statements for applicable departments with fully loaded cost burdens. Inclusive of equipment, utilities/space, supplies, materials, labor, benefits, insurance, postage, I.T. allocations, distribution methodologies/costs, inventory turns, obsolescence costs, etc.
  • Process Review of existing business practices
  • Annual spend within various lines of business -archival, print, collateral, etc.
  • Vendor utilization for product categories
  • Ordering and requisition procedures
  • Ordering and requisition procedures
  • Cost allocation processes
  • Storage and Warehousing expenses

This discovery process allows VonScott to establish the “current state” of operations. Through dialogue, we will learn the shortcomings of the existing capacities, while learning the “desired state.” We will deliver the desired solutions.